One day, a long time ago before the Green Goddess was born, I found myself standing in a big chain store staring at products in the cosmetic aisle, as I often did at that time. For whatever fateful reason that day, instead of absent-mindedly throwing whatever I wanted into my shopping cart without a second look, I wondered for a split second what exactly was in that product that I was looking at (I think I remember it being a shocking shade of unnatural blue!). This sparked a teeny tiny little curiosity in me - and it was as though a voice in my head compelled me to take that product and flip it over - so I did. It was a powerful moment that changed everything for me. Years later, I am certain that was the day The Green Goddess "seed" sprouted somewhere deep inside of me!

I flipped the product over and began to read the ingredients, and a minute later I was really none the wiser. In fact, I might have been more confused than before - I had no clue what I was reading at all - there were numbers and capital letters and a bunch of words that sounded like I would need a degree in Chemistry to understand. I guess you could say that I instinctively knew that this product was not good for me, so I left it on the shelf - but before doing so - I took the time to write down most of those words that I did not understand. I went home and I immediately jumped on Google and researched each and every one of those ingredients. I was shocked and horrified and downright angry - how could this be?! How could these incredibly toxic ingredients be allowed in our cosmetics?? Fast forward many moons later and I can tell you that the outrage I felt that day has stayed with me to this day, and it continues to be one of the key driving forces behind The Green Goddess movement.

As I began my exciting journey of reading labels on everything destined to go on my skin (feeling like A BOSS, might I add!), I realized soon enough that my newfound knowledge was actually a massive inconvenience and pain in the ass! I mean, sometimes all you want to do is just buy what you want to buy and not have to worry if it will end up freakin' killing you! Ignorance is bliss, right?? But I had gone too far and I knew too shortly after one-too-many disappointing shopping trips where I actually really needed "something" and I had left empty-handed without any products at all, I told myself I should just start making my own - so that I would know each and every ingredient that would be going on my skin. And that, my friends, is exactly what I did. Seven years later, The Green Goddess has grown from that teeny weeny sprout into an untamed wild & wonderful "green" company that I am honoured to have birthed into the world and to be the Mother of. It began with me (and a funky blue product in a cosmetic aisle) that day...but this journey would be nothing without YOU...

I believe that if the general public had any idea what was being allowed in our cosmetics they would be just as outraged as me, and so it has become a mission of mine to shine the light on this dark subject and bring about some awareness. Countless choices are made countless times on countless days in countless households all across the globe on purchasing cosmetics, and it has been my experience that most people I speak with have no clue that the choices they are making on a daily basis for themselves and for their loved ones are contributing to their demise...choices that we have the power to change!

And finally, my "secret" wish - it is my sincerest desire to empower women to make better (informed) choices...To take back control. To go back to our roots and essentially reconnect with nature and with the wise and powerful Goddess that I believe is within each and every one of us because she intuitively knows what to do. She is not confused. She fiercely protects both herself and her loved ones. She does not accept "the way it is". She will fight for what is right. She will create movement and change. She will stand her ground. She will nurture all living things around her, including mother earth. She is a force to be reckoned with...AND SHE IS YOU!